About fIVE DB

fIVE DB (from In Vitro Experiments DataBase) is an InSysBio project for in vitro experiments information collection and processing.

fIVE DB contains the quantitative data obtained in vitro and ex vivo for human cells or cell lines. The data describes major cell processes such as proliferation, cell death, differentiation, activation, secretion, and others. Data is collected from the public domain sources, processed, and stored in the fIVE DB as content.

Data processing includes the calculation of parameters suitable for cell process description with mathematical models. Parameters calculation is based on the InSysBio way of regulators impact implementation in the models (more details here) and pre-derived equations describing typical in vitro experiments (please find more information here).

Key features of fIVE DB:

  • Search by cell or by process type
  • The query may include Regulator (activator or inhibitor) or Modifier of the process rate, parameter name (in the terms proposed by InSysBio for regulators effect description), tissue type, and patient group type (healthy control or disease type)
  • Table representation of the search results with possibility of export to the CSV format

Access to fIVE DB

To start working with fIVE DB Open use following credentials:

Login: user1

Password: 12345678

e-mail for correspondence: